Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sinister House of Secret Love, Alex Toth 1972

Today we have a 36-page story written by Frank Robbins and drawn by Alex Toth from 1972. Even though Frank Giacoia is listed on the title page as the inker, Doug Wildey inked part of the story. This may be Toth's longest story outside of his own creation, Bravo for Adventure, which was published a few years later. 

Toth only illustrated this one issue. With issue 5 it changed from The Sinister House of Secret Love to the more general horror anthology title Secrets of the Sinister House. This title, along with Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, was DC's attempt to capitalize on the popular gothic romance genre that was popular at the time. Both titles had a larger page count and featured a single story each issue. Not surprisingly, the mostly male dominated comic book market didn't support the experiment and both titles were transformed into generic mystery titles.

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