Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Speed Carter SPACEMAN by Joe Maneely 1953

Here are the first 3 issues of Speed Carter Spaceman from 1953 and '54 published by Atlas (Marvel). All 3 issues are drawn by Joe Maneely. I've also included a story he drew for issue 4. The series lasted 6 issues, but Maneely was only involved with the first 3 and drew a back-up for the 4th.  I don't have much to add about Maneely that I haven't already covered in previous posts. The stories are typical 50's science fiction fare, but Maneely's art grabs you and demands your attention even if the stories don't. 

Spaceman #1, 1953

Spaceman #2, 1953

Spaceman #3, 1954

Spaceman #4, 1954

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