Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Psychedelic and the Surreal: Moscoso and Irons in Color 1971

In 1971 underground comics were still in full swing and were growing and expanding aesthetically and in popularity. Two titles that took full advantage of that popularity were Color by Victor Moscoso and Light Comitragies by Greg Irons. Full color comics were a rarity in the underground press, but I can only presume that sales were still high in 1971 for The Print MInt to invest in these two titles. Victor Moscoso is one of the founding fathers of Zap Comix and rarely strayed from the Zap title. Color is a tour de force of surreal brilliance and remains, to this day, his only solo effort. Greg Irons was quite prolific in the underground press and in the early years he collaborated with the writer Tom Veitch quite a bit. Light Comitragies is, again, a tour de force of surreal post apocalyptic horror. A few years ago Fantagraphics published a long overdue collection of Irons work, but sadly this was not included. 

Enjoy these two classics from the heyday of underground comics.

Color, Victor Moscoso 1971

Light Comitragies, Greg Irons 1971

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