Friday, June 9, 2017

Joe Maneely at (GASP!) DC Comics

Did you know that in the late 1950's Joe Maneely drew comics for DC Comics? Charlton as well. This was a period in comics publishing when things were quite dire. The Comics Code had been established in late 1954, and comic books were seen as objects that contributed to juvenile delinquency. At this point in Marvel's...err, I mean Atlas's history, Stan Lee had stocked up on genre stories to the point that the owner of the company, Martin Goodman (who's nephew was Stan Lee) saw no need to purchase art for his books for a while. So many artists who worked for Marvel had no work and had to look for employment at other companies. Maneey's work is safe and tight at DC, but they don't have that devil may care fuck all underground feel they did at Marvel (Atlas). DC was still in it's Dan Barry house style mode at this point, and the lettering and layouts seems drab and restrictive. But hey, MANEELY!

House of Mystery #68, 1957.

House of Mystery #71, 1958.

House of Mystery #72, 1958

House of Mystery #73, 1958

House of Mystery #75, 1958

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