Saturday, June 3, 2017

Abbott and Costello Comics by Lily Renee, Eric Peters and Mort Drucker

BRIEF EPILOGUE: One last post dedicated to comics that star comedic actors and TV Comedies from the 1950's and 60's. 

Abbot and Costello Comics were published by St, John from 1948-1956 and lasted for 40 issues. Most of the latter half being reprints of the first half. Most of the early issues were drawn by Lily Renee and Eric Peters, a husband and wife team that also worked for Fiction House. The style displayed here is very reminiscent of the Fiction House style. 

I believe Mort Drucker only drew two issues, 20 and 22, the latter of which you can find below after issue 6. 

Abbott and Costello #6, 1949. Art by Lily Renee and Eric Peters.

Abbott and Costello #22, 1953. Art by Mort Drucker.

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