Monday, May 29, 2017

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis by Howie Post and Bob Oksner

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis was published by DC Comics from 1952 through 1957, when it's title changed to The Adventures of Jerry Lewis. The reason being was that the team had split in 1956. At the time Jerry Lewis was the one that most saw as the most likely to succeed because Martin's brilliance as a straight man was overshadowed by Lewis' over the top personality. Time has proven that both men had talent to waste (and at times, they wasted it).

The first story posted below is drawn by Howard (Howie) Post and comes from the first issue in 1952. Throughout his career, Post worked as an animator, comic strip and comic book artist. He began in 1945 and drew mostly humor features for various companies. He began an association with Harvey Comics in the early 60's drawing such titles as Hot Stuff, The Ghostly Trio and others. Most comic book readers fondly remember his short lived late 60's series Anthro for DC that lasted 7 issues all together. After a long and creative career he passed away in 2010.

The second story is drawn by Bob Oksner. See, I told you you'd begin to see a lot of him, and this is just the beginning. After Post drew the first few issues, Oksner took over the title and drew it frequently throughout it's run, which includes when it changed to The Adventures of Jerry Lewis. This is the last issue before the title change. Oksner was a mainstay at DC since the 40's. He drew a few adventure strips but stuck mainly to the humor titles where he excelled. He hit a peak in the 60's where his style became confident and lush. When humor comics began to fade away in the early 70's he moved onto features such as Supergirl, Mary Marvel and other female centric characters. He passed away in 2007.

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis #1 1952. Art by Howie Post.

The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis #40 1957. Art by Bob Oksner.

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